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Undeliverable parcels   Date: Thursday 01 May, 2008


We sometimes have parcels sent back as undeliverable. When a parcel is undeliverable due to "unknown reasons" (for example if the parcel label becomes unreadable in the course of delivery – very rare), we will send it once more. In all other cases, when postal services/our transporter sends us back an undeliverable parcel, we will contact you by E-mail.
Why has my parcel been returned as undeliverable?
This situation can happen for the following reasons:
*                     Incorrect address. If the address is not correct or not in service anymore, the parcel will generally be returned to us by our transporter or by the person who received the parcel by mistake. Please double check your delivery address when placing an order.
If your parcel is returned to us as undeliverable but the indicated address is correct, please let us know by email.
To erase an incorrect address, click on the "Change my addresses" link in the "My account" section. Then click on "Change" or on "Erase" next to the address you wish to update or suppress.

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