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Where is my order ?   Date: Thursday 01 May, 2008


If you have recently placed an order and you are wondering why you haven’t received it yet, please first check if it has been sent:  
1.                           Click on the "login" button on top right of all pages on our website.
2.                           Fill in your identification details.
3.                           Then click on "order history" in the "My account" box in the right column of the website.
4.                           On that page, you get access to all information on the delivery you are waiting for. Orders are classified per status:

Order in the process of Paypal handling / Order on standby
Order being processed
Delivered order

Important: If you can’t find the order in your order history, it may still be awaiting validation. Click on the cart icon, on top right of every page on the website, to check if the items you wanted to order are still in it. If so, click on the “order” button to send your order. If you can’t find your order in Your account or in the cart, please check the order wasn’t placed using another email address or using the same email address, but associated to another password.
Order in the process of Paypal handling
It means that your bankcard details are being checked by Paypal services. As soon as they are accepted, your order will change status to “order being processed”.

Order on standby

This status appears when we are awaiting your payment by bank transfer. As soon as we receive the proof of payment, your order will change status to “order being processed”.

Order being processed
Means that your order hasn’t been sent yet. If your ordered items are in store and items that aren’t in store just yet, (for example, one item is in store and the other item will be in store between 5 to15 days), all products will be sent together.

Delivered order 
Your order has left our dispatching centre.
In spite of all our efforts, unforeseen delays can occur.
Please wait a few days after estimated delivery date to contact us about an undelivered order.
During that time span, we would advise you check on our transporter’s website to see if maybe a first delivery attempt has been made, and with your neighbours or any person that might have taken delivery of your parcel.  
Please also check the delivery address you provided in the order is correct. To do so, click on the « Visualize order » button, located next to the concerned order.

If you still haven’t been delivered 5 days after estimated delivery date, please contact us by email and we will do the necessary search.

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