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Bio-X Diagnostics is a limited liability company (SPRL) active in the development and marketing of diagnostic kits for the veterinary sector. These kits are aimed mostly at the infectious diseases affecting production animals. The products that Bio-X Diagnostics currently markets are tests based on the use of antibodies, that is, ELISA, immunochromatography strips, and IFA reagents. Our current range consists of about 140 different products for ruminants, pigs, horses, rabbits, and farmed fish (trout, carp, salmon, and so on).


Bio-X Diagnostics was founded in 1991. After operating for several years as a cooperative, Bio-X Diagnostics took the form of a sole proprietorship limited company (S.P.R.L.U.) in 1999. In April 2003 the company was bought by Dr Annita Ginter, who owns 100% of its capital.

Bio-X Diagnostics is active in the sector of production animal disease diagnostics (cattle, pigs, horses, small ruminants, trout, and carp).

Today, in 2012, the company has sixteen people on its payroll, including six university graduates (two veterinarians, two biologists, a PhD in chemistry, and an agricultural engineer).

Until 1998 Bio-X Diagnostics operated mainly as a distribution company. Since then, our company produces most of the products that it sells. Bio-X Diagnostics was certified under the ISO 9001-2000 standard in August 2005 and ISO 9001 -2008 in August 2010.

Presentation of activities

Products marketed :
Diagnostic kits for diseases of production animals (cattle, pigs, horses, small ruminants, trout, and carp).
ELISA kits, IFA reagents, and immunochromatography kits (strips).

Markets reached :
ELISA kits and IFA reagents :
    Public and private veterinary laboratories as well as universities.
    Territory : worldwide
Immunochromatography strips :
    Pharmaceutical concerns and field veterinarians
    Territory : worldwide

Bio-X Diagnostics manufactures and sells a certain number of its own unique products, including combined diagnostic kits (GI kit, respiratory kit, abortion kit, enterotoxaemia kit, and tetravalent pulmonary test).
In parallel with these ELISA kits (some sixty different products), Bio-X Diagnostics makes and sells reagents for immunofluorescent assays (IFA).